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The Way of The Mile High Maverick
Volume 1, by Stephen Oliver

Rants, Raves and Other Politically Incorrect Views from Behind the Curtain

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Topics and Insights Included in
"The Way of the Mile High Maverick"

Honest Reviews and Feedback from
Readers of The Way of The Mile High Maverick

"If you want insight into what the top 1% are doing and thinking, get the book. It represents the "cutting edge" of successful martial arts business systems along with the various perspectives, attitudes and techniques that support those systems. The information applies to ALL styles of martial art. I personally enjoy and agree with Mr. Oliver's perspectives concerning the huge negative influence that modern sport MMA can have on proper martial art training (and the success of your school). MMA instructors should heed his advice, but for many it will require a significant paradigm shift toward doing what is best for your students, your competition team, and your community. That is the "gateless gate" that many MMA instructors will fail to pass, resulting in failure to achieve the full potential of proper MMA training for yourcommon mistakes, and reach your full potential!"

Master Instructor: David Arnebeck, Over 40 Years Mixed Martial Arts Experience; Over 30 Years Teaching Experience, Founder: Warrior’s Cove Martial Art Centers; Founder & Master Instructor: Shinbudo MMA System; Rickson Gracie Black Belt: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Official Rickson Gracie Instructor: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

“I just read Stephen’s new book, “The Way of The Mile High Maverick.” Great book! It is written for Martial Artist, but it is a great resource for anyone. For Martial Artists, I especially liked the sections talking about ethics and “walking the walk.” For everyone, I liked the chapter “The 10 Secrets of Leadership.”

There are tons of valuable strategies for the old timers and for those who are new to Martial Arts.

If you are thinking about opening a Martial Arts school or if you have been around for years, this is a must for you. As it mentions in “Mile High Maverick,” NEVER stop learning. One last point: “Why reinvent the wheel?” Get the book and take advantage of those who have years of experience in business and are willing to share it with others.”

Pat Worley, USA Karate, Inc. Minneapolis-St. Paul

“I’ve known Stephen Oliver for over 40 years. It’s amazing to have watched his growth in our industry. He’s now the “Go To” expert for all of the veterans like myself who would have thought there might not be anything left to learn as well as the “Young Guns” who are in the top 1%, or top 5% of school owners. He’s the guy who stays at the “Leading Edge” of what's REALLY working today — and, I guarantee you he’ll be the first to use and share each of the new tools that come available.

If you are successful in our industry you’re probably already working with him, if not you should be. If you are planning on “making your mark” in Martial Arts, Stephen’s the only Business Consultant to get you into the the very top rungs!

Jeff Smith

“Thank you for allowing me an advanced look at you latest book. I simply couldn’t put it down, and although I have followed the teachings of the “Mile High Maverick” for 8 years now, this book will be read and re-read as are your other publications.

Your absolute clarity and clear roadmap to success have seen the quality of our students ,the standard of our Martial Arts and my families financial security take massive leaps forward. Having previously been at the top of the industry in New Zealand, I travelled to the USA in 2006 looking for the next step as a Martial Artist and as a businessman.

With my oldest daughter in my school and three more about to start I knew I had to find the best I could for them. Attending a NAPMA Extreme Success event, I learned more about teaching and running a school in two days than I had in the previous twenty years — and I had tried many avenues.

Sneaking into a presentation with you and Grandmaster Smith on the Mile High Karate system during a lunch break, I found you were taking schools outside of TKD and outside the USA. I was the first hand up in the room.I couldn’t believe here was the opportunity to go straight to the top of the Industry.

I have since brought my own Instructor into MHK in what is the true full circle we often speak of in the arts. Any Martial Artist who wants to improve their impact in their community — dramatically improve the quality of their instruction to create a prosperous and secure financial future fo themselves and their families — must get connected with you either via your books, NAPMA or though Mile High Karate.

Your knowledge is universal as evidenced by our success in New Zealand, obviously a long way from the States. Again thank you for your contibution to Martial Arts.

No one know where a teachers influence ends.”

Sifu Grant Buchanan, 6th-Degree Black Belt Kempo Mile High Karate Tauranga New Zealand

“Stephen Oliver is the hidden genius behind some of the largest MMA, Traditional Martial Arts Schools, even transported after-school care schools in the world. He's become the “go-to” consultant for the very top tier to take them to the next level of profitability while showing them how to improve their life-style in the process. I've known him for over 10 years and have seen him in action. He's the “Real Deal” — straightforward, at times even brutally so. I'd highly recommend his latest book: “The Way of The Mile High Maverick” as a rare peak behind the curtain ± to help you jump your school into the top 10% or, even 1% of the Martial Arts Industry. I promise you this book will shave years off your learning curve!”

Lee Milteer Author of Success Is An Inside Job, Millionaire Smarts Coach

"The strategies that Stephen shares and at times “pounds in” will resonate well for both martial arts school owners and entrepreneurs alike. Mile High Maverick is a playbook for those not only looking to improve not only their bottom line, but the concepts he stresses will successfully take any business to the next level."

Don Southerton, CEO Bridging Culture Worldwide and Author

“Ok, I am blown away with the content of your book. There is so much. I need to study all of it! God Bless You and Thank You. I do not think there is another publication out there that can come close to your book!”

Keith Joseph Bennett

“As someone who grew up in Mile High Karate and had the opportunity to know Stephen Oliver as both an instructor, employer, business owner, and mentor I can tell you first hand he knows what he is talking about. In my 25 years as a part of the Mile High Karate organization, I have experienced first hand the dramatic affects of what Stephen Oliver's business models can do for new schools, and established schools alike. I have seen him walk into schools with 20 students and within weeks have the school flooded with hundreds of new students. One of the things I appreciate most about Grand Master Oliver, is his fresh but historical perspective on the martial arts industry as a whole. He has captured that perspective, along with a blast of sometimes brutal honesty in his new book The Way Of The Mile High Maverick. Every chapter has insights and benefits that will help both novice and experienced school owners alike. I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone in the martial arts industry looking to move to the next level.

Korey and Sara Stites, Personal Achievement Martial Arts Wheat Ridge, CO

“Just finished Steve’s new book. Must read for everyone in the martial arts biz. Jump to the chapter on leadership first then go back and read the rest. Fast read worth the time spent. Many hidden ideas inside. Take notes while you read.”

Master Bill Clark

“Stephen Oliver is the ‘Maverick of Martial Arts’. His book is inspirational!”

John Chung

"When people ask me how to advance, I always give the same suggestion: ‘Find someone who has mastered what you want to do, and then find a way to learn their secrets.’ You believe you have the ability to teach good martial arts well, and you believe you have the duty to prosper to where you live with dignity and the financial power to permit your family to follow their dreams too? Find a master who has done what you dream of doing and learn the tested secrets. My friend Stephen Oliver is one such master who has invested years to build and test his program for creating martial arts school success. Get his book and study it, and pay attention to any ideas that cause you to balk or resist; that is where you need to upgrade your thinking to get bigger better results. Stephen Oliver shares lots of good secrets and guides you through the confusion to help you build success.”

Stephen K. Hayes , Black Belt Hall of Fame Founder, To-Shin Do Ninja Martial Arts, Author of 20 books on martial and meditation traditions of Japan,